Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gordo's top tips #4

If you see a would be burglar snooping around you or your neighbours house at night. Instead of doing the usual turning on mutable lights and pretending to get a glass of water while pretending to cough.

Why not try this instead?
Sneak out of bed, do not turn on any lights, open a window as slowly and as quietly as you can. Then light a string of Chinese fire crackers, drop them to the ground (outside obviously) close window and retreat.

This will give the would be burglar a host of startled neighbours to contend with as the firecrackers will almost certainly wake the whole street at once and also set off several car and house alarms.

This will be a nightmare for the burglar, who will have to form a retreat immediately. If worst comes to the worst and the neighbours blame him for all the commotion then so be it.

Be warned:
You will wake everybody on your street.
Your local law enforcement will probably show up.
Fireworks are illegal in some jurisdictions.
The burglar may be hurt by making his escape or by an angry mob.