Monday, April 23, 2012

Gordo's top tips #2 (Skimming Fuel)

While we are being robbed at the pumps on a daily basis with extortionate prices for fuel, its time to take a small bit back. When buying fuel instead of dispensing an even amount overfill by 1 or 2 cents. When you get to the counter almost all of the cashiers will not ask for the extra few cents and in the unlikely event that they do you could resort to:
  1. Fumbling around in your pockets for ages pretending that you don't have it until they tell you to get lost.
  2. Complain that the pump is faulty and make a big deal out of it.
  3. Just pay it and try again another time. 
I have never been asked for the extra few cents EVER.

You must remember that the cashiers are all human too and it always helps to say a cheery hello (kinda pretending that you know them cos your in all the time) with a smile. This makes it harder for them to ask for the extra in case they look scabby (when in fact its you that is). If you are a bollox to them they will ask for the extra and you've wasted your time. Also if you rub them up the wrong way they will remember you forever and you will have to wait for them to leave that job or die before you can try it on again.

Never buy anything else while your doing this as it will result in the exact amount of everything being paid and also you can maximise your skimming buy doing it in multiples of 10 rather than by larger amounts.

Don't forget to shake the last few dribbles out of the pump, its better in the tank than on the ground!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Vodafone Photo "Scandal" in a nutshell

What happened:
A few days ago a staff member in a vodafone store took a photograph of a customer and posted it on his facebook wall. The photograph was taken from behind the counter with the till screen and customer in view. The staff were apparently discussing this customer over the network who was apparently irritating them and had written a conversation on the screen.

How they got caught:
Well they in short posted it on facebook and it went viral as people outside of their friends circle seen it as a mutual friend commented on it and it showed up on their news feed. This was then reposted on twitter and gained popularity. The two staff members have been suspended and are in Human Resources terms "fucked".

Screen transcript:
"This cunt is wrecking my buzz. I am seriously gonna bitchslap her face into that Galaxy 2."
"What an awful looking huuure*."
"Mine too I need a cup of tea and a smoke and some heroin,"

*Dublin pronunciation of Whore

If you would not put it on your bosses desk, don't put it on Facebook!

Mobile network 3 tried to use a parody "Ryanair style add" for their business as seen below.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

There will be no dust left if it keeps getting bitten like this!

I was in the Blanchardstown shopping center today and on the lower level there are a number of shops closed. Last week I was in Millets for the last days of trading in the shopping center, this unit is now vacant.
Then the Game "saga" broke and that unit closed its doors.
Yesterday I passed the Peats store and seen a notice on the closed shutter advising that the store was closed for a "staff meeting". I seen the the writing on the walls for them and today the news broke that Peats are to close their operation down.
The Sony shop has already closed down and is still unoccupied.
This has been seen in smaller shopping centers around the country but I am surprised to see it in this particular centre. 

I hate to see this happening and I hope all will support the Game staff in their struggle for justice here

Monday, April 02, 2012

Sunday, April 01, 2012

A picture says a thousand words!

I am not sure what those words would be in the case of this picture, but am sure there are teenage girls everywhere looking for one of these. Its a toothbrush that sings Justin Bieber songs.... Wow that's a niche market if I ever seen one!  
The fact that this was posted on April the first is purly coincidental, this is a real product.

Why the hell did they not do a pantera toothbrush when i was young??