Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I went to see the Bodies exhibition last week, and to be quite honest about it I was a little concerned about it first. I had reservations about was it right to display human bodies in such a fashion, but I decided in the end to give it a go. I know there is some controversy about where the bodies came from, and this aside, these were once living people. I taught that the bodies were not in great condition, and were disheveled from preservation. I found the section of blood vessels to be the most interesting part of the tour, and was surprised how big the pulmonary artery is. The bodies looked little more than a shanks of ham right down to the fibers, and this to me reflected our own mortality and how delicate we really are. I was surprised that I was not amazed with even one part of the exhibition, and nothing made me go "wow". As for the educational part of it I really don't think there is a need to display human bodies in such fashion, and while I do understand that over the years what we know of medicine today came from studying human samples. I did not learn anything that i could not have learned from a computer simulation of a plastic model. The cross sections of the bodies were less detailed (in my opinion) that a normal cat scan, and as such this was a gratuitous display of human remains. We must remember that these people were somebodies son or somebodies daughter, and as such should not be displayed in this way!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gun Safety Tip (Don't discharge your gun with an obstruction in the barrel)

Ridiculous behaviour, enough said.

By the way these are not my guns, I would not do anything this stupid!

Taxi "Drivers", and their nonsense

I realise that things are tight and people have to earn a living, but lets draw the line, and say you don't have to be an asshole about it. Mark my words it's only a matter of time before someone gets killed because a taxi driver stops in an absolutely crazy place!

Real Irish Leprechaun

I seen this guy, and just had to take a photo. I was going to ask him where was his pot of gold, but he had the potential to talk a crock of shite so I left him alone.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

12 years in a few seconds

1995 - 2007

Dexter (TV show)

Dexter is Miami Metro police employee who also just happens to be a Serial Killer.
I wont go any further with the plot or I will ruin it as in the show you get to know Dexter's story

Rating: Entertaining show.
Favorite character has to be Sgt Stokes.

"Rock Bottom" Chinese lesson #1

Hao (how) is the word for good, and can be used in many ways.

Hao chir = Good food.
Fei chung hao = Very good.
Ni hao = translated as "you good", it would be used as the equivalent of Hello.
Ni hao ma? = Are you good? or as we would say "how are you?".
Wo hen hao = "I am good" this is a response to "How are you", and really means "I am fine".
Bo hao = A polite way of saying "I don't want, I am good". "Do you want tea?, "No I am good".
Daja hao = "Everybody good" or "Hello everyone".

You can communicate in the simplest of ways even by nodding your head and saying "Hao" people will know what you are trying to say, or at least pretend to. Don't be surprised if you try to speak Chinese, and everyone bursts out laughing the Chinese will laugh to cover up their surprise or shock, and they are not actually laughing at you. This is a hard pill to swallow, as in Ireland laughing like this at a person could warrant a fist in the face.

You have also learnt other words today such as:

You =Ni
No = Bo
Food = Chir
Very = Fei chung
Everyone = Daja