Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Email regarding Household charge - The truth

Most people on the Internet (in Ireland) will have seen this email purporting to be from McGann Fitzgerland, and has been distributed over the world wide web and soicial networks.

Firstly here is a copy of the email.

Secondly lets examine it.

1) Its printed on "nice" paper despite it purporting to be an email.

2) There is an introduction to this email/letter by a third party.

3) No heading or introduction by purported authors.

4) Does not follow proper format for a document of this type.

5) Purported Author is not named after body of document.

6) I have never seen an email stating "this email is from" as a footer.

7) Header states its a "Note" and footer states its an "email".

8) The content is absolute gibberish and has not a shred of information that has any legal standing whatsoever.

"This household charge is a Statute, otherwise known as an Act of Government and only carries the force of law upon you if you consent to it… a statutory instrument is a contract. If you register for this “charge” you are consenting to this statute i.e. signing the contract."

"The courts know this and the last thing they will do is tell you. In fact they will hide this from you at every opportunity they can. On the other hand, if you tell them, they will accept it because they know it is actually true"

This is complete nonsense, and is based on "the Freeman on the land" theory.  This theory insists that only the common law applies to individuals, but that laws made by the governments or parliaments are only invitations to contract.

No freeman arguments have ever succeeded in court; some have even explicitly ruled that the term "freeman on the land" has no legal significance when the argument is raised

Freeman ideas are so far-out that even arch-crackpot Alex Jones thinks they're "quackery"

In short it is a Law and it is binding!

9) McGann Fitzgerald have stated its a fake.

Statement from McCann FitzGerald
23 February 2012
McCann FitzGerald has learnt that a memorandum/e-mail purporting to come from the firm and relating to Household Charges is currently being distributed in social and other media. The memorandum/e-mail is not a McCann FitzGerald document, it has not been prepared by the firm, and it does not express a legal opinion of the firm.
We are investigating how our name has come to be associated with the memorandum/e-mail.
We would advise all media that they should not distribute, or permit the distribution of, this memorandum/e-mail.
For further information please contact Colette Campbell, WHPR, 01 669 0030.

Monday, March 26, 2012

iWeight App - BEWARE

 As you can see the new App iWeight is a scam beware and warn your friends.
Look at my new iPad 3!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Household tax defense

Lets face it most people are "winging it" in regards to paying the household tax and lets face it nobody wants to pay. In days to come many of the good souls of Ireland will be putting themselves on the wrong side of the law, yes it is a totally scumbag unjust tax. While we are waiting for "Zombie Robin Hood" to return to save us from an unjust King, just what exactly is your defense going to be when you don't pay. Lets guess you don't have one and this just won't wash with the courts as I don't agree with the charge is about as good a defense as "I don't agree with speed limits".

I think we have heard the rumor or the viral letter proporting to be from a respected law firm stating that if you dont consent to the charge them you dont have to pay. Well its FAKE and the advice is baseless, so there you are standing in court harping on about the fact that you heard something about something. The judge will have heard the same excuses many times before you and will be sick to the teeth of them, thus eroding any chance of sympathy.

Now lets just say the 1,600,000 persons who haven't registered were ALL to go online at 13:00 on the last day to register, and lets just say the site crashed from all the traffic.

At the very least this would offer a viable defense in a court of law stating that a viable and reasonable attempt to register for the charge was attempted but was unable to be executed. This in the least would be better than no defense.

This is purely a speculative opinion on what may happen and should not be taken as legal advice or incitement to attempt to recreate the scenario described here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gordo's top tip #1 (Fluffy Pockets)

Fluffy Pocket
We all have suffered from that damn fluffy pocket at one time or another and it can be quite an inconvience. Currently 65% of people have undiagnosed "fluffy pockets".

What is it?
Well its when your pocket due to the strains of daily life collects fluff and other particles that are hard to remove. I believe this phenomenon can also occur in handbags. We've all at some stage of our lives tried to pay for items in a shop with a handful of fluff and a few coins.

Whats the big deal?
Well if left untreated it will wreck your head and the screen of your phone if the particles are abrasive.
Normal cleaning does not always get rid of the problem, even a "pocket shakeout®™" can't sort out a fluffy pocket all of the time.

AGHHHH what the hell can I do?
First off all calm down, dealing with these emergencies is best done with a level head. Then when you've got it together follow the steps below.

  1. Take control of the situation.
  2. Remove all items from pocket and place in safe place.
  3. Take ordinary household vacuum cleaner and insert into pocket.
  4. Clean until all that fluffy scourge has gone.
  5. Place items back into pocket and go about your merry business.
  6.  Check pockets & handbags regularly.

Research may suggest people with fluff free pockets live on average 3 years longer than people with "fluffy pocket" so keep safe and dont stress out, "fluff out®"!

Infomercial may come soon!