Monday, June 21, 2010

"Interesting" Van = Amber alert

I took a menial trip to the Shopping Centre in Blanchardstown today, and while passing an ordinary van I had to do a double take.

I nearly fell off my bike when I seen this. Is this the overflow from his house?
It is type of van I would expect to hear muffled screams coming from, or appear on a episode of Criminal Minds or Ireland's version, Garda Patrol.

If you double click on the pictures you can view them bigger!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Shenanigans at the TV Store

I have worked a bucket load of overtime recently (48 hours overtime last week) so I decided to buy a nice new TV for the bedroom. I decided on a nice LCD 36" LG with VEGA ports, and went to purchase it in the store last night, as there was a one week sale on it accelerated the purchase. I was in at the start so the week, and had asked a few questions about it and was quite happy with my choice. When I went back to the store last night I had another look around, and confirmed my original choice as the perfect fit for us.

I got my (Foreign born) wife  to ask for the TV to be brought to the till. This is a little game I like to play with the sales staff in almost every store. First the "really clever" sales staff will do his/her best to sum up and create a profile of the customer, and gauge how much shite they can talk and or make up on the spot. Half way trough their sales pitch, I enter and throw the whole dynamic into chaos, thus throwing the sales person out of their comfort zone, and off their game putting me firmly in control. Now they have to reassess the situation, and are trying to put us into a category. Lots of things are going trough his mind, are these together, yes they are, they are a different race, where did they meet, was he abroad when the met, and what was he working at when he was abroad? All this slows them down at making new assumptions about me so he transfers his assumptions of my wife onto me.

Wife: Can I take one of these?
Salesman: Oh sorry they are all sold out, but for an extra €50 you can get one of these (Points to a horrible Sony), and its a much better TV.

Enter me from the side like a bolt of lightning

Me: Nah thats horrible.
Salesman: Well if its just the frame you don't like, its the same TV!
Me: I thought you said it was a better TV (When you were talking to my wife)?
Salesman: Hmmm, well its much the same.
Me: How is it much the same, the LG is Full HD (1080) with VEGA ports, and the Sony is HD ready(720) with no VEGA ports?
Salesman: Ahh, Hmm I'll just double check the LG. Briskly walks away.

Me in my mind: Yeah ya proper bastard, ya better check it ya spoofer. Did not see this coming did ya? Did not cover this in sales school, did they? I seen 2 seasons of Lie to me, and 5 seasons of Criminal Minds so I think I have the upper hand here.

Salesman shadowed by me miraculously has just one left in stock, "get it, and bring it to the till Byatch"!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

MotionX GPS

I downloaded this App from Itunes store a while ago, and have been using it on and off for months. I must say I am highly impressed with with. It used triangulation, and the iPhones GPS to secure a location quickly.

While on your home network it uses your data connection to display maps, much like the way google maps work.

I was "horrified" at the data charges for roaming that Eugene O'Loughlin mentioned in his blog, but not surprised. I myself being incredibly tight fisted with money have Data Roaming turned off on my Iphone so I keep my costs down when abroad.

This is where MotionX GPS comes into its own. Before you leave home MotionX GPS can preloaded maps of the area you are going to. I found this feature invaluable for my last trip abroad. You can select the detail and the area to be downloaded, and this is stored directly on your iPhone for instant access thus avoiding data charges.

Types of Maps

Bing Road
Microsoft Bing Road maps

Bing Aerial
Aerial Maps by Microsoft Bing

Bing Hybrid
An overlay of Bing road maps on Bing Aerial

MotionX O-Road
Road maps by MotionX

MotionX O-Terrain
Topographical maps by MotionX.

Topographical Maps
These (for those who don't know) are detailed maps of a topographical area, and are of the same style as OS maps with contours, spot heights , and physical features. These are great for off road activities like walking or mountain biking.

MotionX tracks your path on your maps, and overlays on the maps, and these can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

This App cost me €2.39, compare this to the €195 I paid for my garmin gps 12 I purchased a few years ago (and it only has grid refs, and not maps) or the prices you can pay for other maps.
Thumbs up, 5 Star product.

As always GPS systems do not replace experience or proper navigational equipment such as paper maps & compasses. Equipment can never replace common sense.

Student more expensive than Adult ticket?

Click on image to enlarge!

I never seen a pricing where a Student is charged more than an Adult!